MISSION: Supply complete high performance thermal control solutions for the semiconductor test industry. Applications range from engineering characterization to high volume production test. Full temperature range from 60 deg. C to + 150 deg. C.

ADVANTAGES: Complete thermal solutions which are easily customizable to customers application. Quiet compact portable solutions enable testing virtually anywhere. Outstanding price for very high performance and features. Ease of use, 5 minutes out of box to testing.

CUSTOMERS: Over 70 Semiconductor companies worldwide, installed base over 3000 units enabling mission critical projects.

Controllers: LB320, LB300-I, LB300-10X, LB300-16X, NG2001.
Heads: TH80, TH80-2, TH160, TH220, TH320, NG2001.
Actuators: Socket mount and Cantilever Z-Axis Powerdrive (Pneumatic or Manual) and 10 Way Production Powerdrive.
Chillers: CH250, CH500, CH750.
Software: PS100 Windows Control Systems.
Adapters: Field Replaceable Custom Thermal Adapters for optimal flexibility.

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