• Standalone controller with Fuzzy Logic and large digital readout of actual temperature and set point.
  • 300 Watts of cooling power
  • Regulation +/-0.1 C with constant heat load.
  • RS485 or RS232 computer serial interface and remote Quick Set dial rapid set point input.
  • Over-Under temperature and no flow safety shutoff and alarm.
  • Compact case - 13 W x 14 D x 6.5 H, weighs only 15 pounds. Includes front handles.
  • Quick disconnects with shut offs for easy connection to thermal heads.
  • 16 step integral ramp-soak profile programmability.
  • Universal AC Power input.
  • Temperature range 40 degree C to + 125 degree C
  • Ultra quiet operation suitable for office areas.
  • Accept Thermocouple, RTD or thermal diode inputs
  • DC Thermal Power Shut-off switch.

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